Corporate Investigation

For over a decade LECTA Corporate Investigation Services belongs to the top of the Dutch private detective agencies. We are specialized in internal investigations, fraud and regulatory investigations, business intelligence and asset searches. We are a reliable partner for all your private detective investigations in the Netherlands or abroad.

Risk & Security

LECTA Risk & Security Management provides consultancy and training to counter or rule out security threats and undesirable conduct. The costs of fraud comes at the expense of the gain. As a partner we improve your security, we mitigate risks, all for the benefit of your company profit.

Digital Forensics

LECTA assists in protecting your organization. Our Digital Forensic Services can demonstrate you, how secure your IT network and data really are. Digital forensics can also provide substantial and useful information, they will secure digital evidence in support of a fraud investigation. LECTA is the expert in cyber crime investigations, data breach responses, cyber due diligence and vulnerability testing.

Employment Screening

LECTA checks the background and financial situation of your potential or existing business partners, suppliers and employees. LECTA provides, online integrity tests, credit checks and (pre) employment screening to prevent financial losses or mismatches. LECTA assists your organization to make founded decisions.

Why choose LECTA Corporate Investigation Services?


LECTA Corporate Investigation Services belongs more than a decade of experience to the top of the Dutch private investigation agencies. Our methods and approach will resolve your issues.


Our clients choose LECTA because of our experience, vision and client focus. The private detectives of LECTA are all certified investigators. They know the everyday practices, laws, regulations and can, if needed, quickly be deployed. We are committed and used to protect and handle confidential information.


LECTA is an all-round private investigation agency with all relevant disciplines in one place.
From the start to the end of an investigation, you will be assigned to single contact.

  • 24/7 AVAILABLE

Give us a call on +31 85 0471003 so we can quickly determine whether you request is feasible.


We can serve and accomplish investigations anywhere in the world.

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